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Established in 2005 , From a small landscaping & plant retail business., NBS has grown into one of the largest producer of chengal wood products. With a strong focus on outdoor timber products and a passion for creating beutiful landscape gardens with tropical surroundings many products are designed such as gazebo, pergola, swing, lamps,pet house,kid’s play, kampung’s house, chalet & outdoor furnitures.To meet with the market needs of well designed gardens complete with tropical plants, koi ponds and top quality chengal wood products the company went into a period of expansion.


NBS Corporate Vision

To Be A Global Manufacturer & Exporter Of Top Quality Chengal Wood Products.


NBS Mission Statement

  • Continuous Improvement In Creating More Unique & Innovative
    Product Design To Meet Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Production Capacity To Meet Market Demands Through
    High Technology Wood Working Machinery
  • To Consistently Provide Excellent Quality Products Through Stringent
    QC Control and Training & Development Of Skilled Manpower
  • To Increase Market Share Through Strong Sales Force, Wide Dealer
    Network & Advertising & Promotions Channel 

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